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Strength training tips to get you Bike Fit and reduce your risk of injury

Biking is an increasingly popular recreational activity with significant potential for injury.

Any injury is concerning as it can negatively impact a person’s quality of life and increase the risk of a second injury.

Research has shown that increasing specific physical fitness and strength can decrease the risk of injuries.

Banff Sport Medicine Physiotherapist, Jacob Carter, recommends the following exercises and overall program to get you ready for the biking season.

Warm Up (5 – 10 min)

Goal: Muscle mobility and control (10 reps each side)

Here are some other ideas for a 5 min pre-ride warm-up

Primary Strength (40 min)

Mountain biking

Goal: Build strength in muscles primarily used in biking

Some other ideas for strength training

Accessory Strength (10 min)

Goal: Build strength in ‘accessory’ muscles used in biking (e.g. core, hamstrings)

Learn how to somersault

Goal: Help protect yourself when falling of your bike!

Practice tucking in your head and somersaulting forward, slightly left and slightly right.

Get some more tips on how to fall off your bike here.

A basic training program

Prepare for Training

2 – 3 X per week for 4 weeks

Light load (40-60% 1 RM*) progressing to moderate (70-80% 1RM)

3 – 5 sets per exercise

15 reducing to 10 reps per set

1 min increasing to 2.5 min rest between sets

Accessory Strength: 2 sets to fatigue

Base Training

2 – 3 X per week for 4 – 6 weeks

Heavy load (85-95% 1RM)

3 – 4 sets per exercise

5 reps per set

3 min rest between sets

Accessory Strength: 2 sets to fatigue

Maintaining the Base & Focus on Bike Fitness

1 x per week for the remainder of your season

Moderately heavy load (60-85% 1RM)

2 sets per exercise

8 reps per set

1.5 min rest between sets

Accessory Strength: 2 sets to fatigues

*1RM = one-rep max = the heaviest weight you can lift once

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Expert Contributor
Jacob Carter, Physiotherapist

Jacob Carter, Physiotherapist, Banff Sport Medicine

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