Patient Education

Digital ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Program

All Banff Sport Medicine patients undergoing a primary ACL reconstruction will now be enrolled in our new digital rehabilitation program! 

This program is designed to:

  • visually demonstrate exercises suggested in the Banff Sport Medicine ACL reconstruction rehabilitation booklet
  • provide on-going reinforcement about the importance of rehabilitation through automated reminders in the first 6 months following surgery
  • automatically deliver recommended rehabilitation exercises and expected functional milestones to a patient’s email
  • provide support to patients between physiotherapy appointments
  • provide essential support to patients that can’t access a physiotherapist (patients in remote areas or those without benefits)

The goal of this initiative is to improve patient engagement and adherence in the first six months of their post-operative rehabilitation program following ACL reconstruction ~ a crucial time point that influences how well a person will recover.  

Thank you to the following organizations for supporting this initiative:

The Calgary Foundation
Banff Canmore Community Foundation
Canmore Rotary Club Charitable Foundation