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Board of Directors

The Banff Sport Medicine Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time in support of the Mission and Vision of the Foundation.

Dr. Mark Heard
John Clarkson
Dr. Laurie Hiemstra
Dr. Greg Buchko
Kevin Nugent

Staff Directory

Julie-Anne Fritz PhD
Research & Programs Coordinator

Sarah Kerslake BPhty MSc
Research Director

Our team of clinicians contributing to clinical research

Dr Laurie Hiemstra

Dr. Laurie Hiemstra

Laurie has published over 30 peer-reviewed research manuscripts, as well as numerous invited articles and book chapters. In addition to her medical and surgical training, Laurie completed a PhD. in neuromuscular physiology in 2003. Laurie’s current research is primarily focussed on Patella Instability including diagnostic accuracy, surgical techniques, rehabilitation, and functional outcomes.

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Dr Mark Heard

Dr. Mark Heard

Mark is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Calgary, and he is the Fellowship director at BSMF. Mark teaches nationally and internationally, and he is an expert instructor for the AANA comprehensive knee course. Mark’s main area of research interest is outcomes following knee ligament reconstruction. Dr Heard’s other research interests include live articular cartilage transplantation, outcomes in isolated osteochondral defects, and, the effect of bony defects on surgical selection and outcomes in shoulder instability.

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Dr Greg Buchko

Dr. Greg Buchko

Greg’s primary research interest is outcomes following ACL, PCL and multi-ligament knee reconstruction, and includes the factors that influence surgical outcomes as well as assessment for return to sport following ACL and PCL reconstruction; predictors of success after meniscal repair; and surgical treatment and functional outcomes for shoulder instability.

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Dr Michaela Kopka

Dr. Michaela Kopka

Michaela has been involved in the conduct and publication of research over the past 10 years. Her research has investigated the diagnostic accuracy of MRI compared with clinician assessment of knee injuries, as well as the reliability of x-ray for bone loss in shoulder instability. Dr Kopka’s main areas of research interest are patient-reported and functional outcomes following partial ACL tears; PCL and multi-ligament surgical approaches and return to activity; and the evidence for and outcomes of osteotomies around the knee.

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