Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports provide detailed information on our recent activities and achievements in our local Bow Valley communities and beyond.

2021 – 2022 Annual Report

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Highlights: This past year saw the lifting of COVID restrictions on clinical research. This meant the resumption of BSMF’s clinical research program and the initiation of several studies. In addition, with its many supporters, the Foundation was able to contribute: 11 peer-reviewed publications, 36 evidence-based articles on the website and Health Library, 732 participants educated about injury prevention and management strategies through community education initiatives, and 14 more healthcare professionals trained! We have also continued to grow our supporter base across Canada and internationally, and for that we are grateful!

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2020 – 2021 Annual Report

Rocky Mountains

Highlights: This past year saw another year dealing with pandemic-related closures, working from home, and delayed research projects. Even with these challenges, the Foundation was able to contribute: 8 peer-reviewed publications and 14 conference presentations to the scientific community, the training of 5 healthcare professionals, 33 evidence-based articles through the website blog and Health Library, a new research project on gender diversity in orthopeadics, a new on-line injury prevention program, and the continued expansion of our supporter base. Thank you again to all the people and organizations that have contributed to these successes.

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2019 – 2020 Annual Report

Highlights: Despite the turmoil from the global pandemic and economic hardships being experienced, BSMF was able to continue to deliver on it’s educational and research mandates to patients, the community, and health care professionals. Our research team contributed to the global knowledge of MSK care with 10 publications, 12 conference presentations, and a new research collaboration. Our education & training programs continue to grow and expand with a new website hosting a blog and Health Library, a new YouTube channel, and a quarterly newsletter. We also continue to grow our supporter base, and for that we are thankful.

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2018 – 2019 Annual Report

Highlights: The inaugural year for the Banff Sport Medicine Foundation has been one of implementing the tenets of a charity and establishing key partnerships. Our research team contributed 14 publications, hosted an international meeting with scientists and clinicians, and continue to help shape MSK care. Our education & training programs continue to grow with the launch of our new Injury Prevention Education & Outreach program.