Dr. Laurie Hiemstra

Gender Diversity in Orthopaedics & the Canadian Orthopaedic Association

Dr Laurie Hiemstra, Orthopaedic Surgeon and Director of Research at BSMF, discusses her work facilitating gender diversity, her leadership roles in the Canadian Orthopaedic Association (COA) and her 2022 COA Presidency as the first female leader of the Association.

Watch Dr Hiemstra’s two interviews!

“Towards Gender Diversity in Surgery” – interview with Dr Mohit Bhandari

“Diversity and the COA” – interview with BSMF’s Research & Programs Coordinator

Read Dr Hiemstra’s recent publications on diversity

Green J, Chye V, Hiemstra L, et al. Diversity: Women in orthopaedic surgery – a perspective from the International Orthopaedic Diversity Alliance. Journal Of Trauma and Orthopaedics. 2020;8(1):44-51.

Hiemstra LA, Wittman T, Mulpuri KVezina C, Kerslake S. Dissecting disparity: improvements towards gender parity in leadership and on the podium within the Canadian Orthopaedic Association. Journal of ISAKOS: Joint Disorders & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine 2019; 4:227-232.

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