Rachelle’s Story

ACL Reconstruction

Rachelle Haddock – all-round active person

While skiing in the backcountry, Rachelle, suffered a slow, twisting fall in deep snow, and heard a ‘pop’ in her knee. She had never torn an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) before, but knew in her “gut” that this was likely what had happened.

At the time, she didn’t feel any pain, but did experience instability in her knee and had to be rescued.

After consulting with the orthopeadic surgeon at Banff Sport Medicine, her torn ACL was confirmed, and she underwent ACL reconstructive surgery using a hamstring tendon autograft.

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One year on from her surgery, Rachelle shares some of the challenges she faced during her recovery, which include edema (swelling), hamstring pain, difficulty regaining knee flexion (ability to bend the knee), experiencing symptoms of depression, and fear around re-injury.

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Did you know?

Depression has been reported in up to 34% of ACL injuries, while reports are even higher (up to 45%) after a musculoskeletal (bone & joint) injury ~ a rate that is higher than in the general population!

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