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Sport rehabilitation & performance meet mental strength coaching

We spent a few hours with Jackie Bardana – High Performance & Mental Strength Consultant and owner of Forza Consulting – discussing her work with athletes, and how to support athletes and active folk along their mental journey from injury, through to rehabilitation and return to sport and activity.

In this short clip, learn about Jackie Bardana and her journey from working with athletes as a physiotherapist to combining this with mental strength training.

My knee will feel the same. I can deal with the pain. I can recover just as quickly as my team mate. Injury rehabilitation is just physical.

These are just some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the mental side of returning to sport after injury.

Jackie discusses how to help athletes returning to sport cope with their knee feeling different compared to pre-injury.

In this clip, Jackie offers some advice to people worried about returning to sport or activity after injury.

Learn about the best ways to prepare for your rehabilitation either after injury or after surgery.

Jackie gives some quick tips on mental strength tools you can use to help you return to activities after injury or surgery.

In this clip, Jackie provides some tips on how trainers / coaches / healthcare professionals can support a patient / athlete that is experiencing fear upon returning to sport or activities after suffering an injury.

Learn why it’s important to complete your full rehabilitation protocol post ACL-reconstruction, particularly from a mental perspective.

Jackie provides her expert suggestions on mental health priorities at each stage of post-surgical rehabilitation (before surgery, acute post-surgery, return to sport).

In this clip, Jackie discusses how she’s found success when combining mental strength tools and skills with physical rehabilitation to help athletes return to sport after injury.

Recovery from injury and rehabilitation is different for every body.

Thus, Jackie Bardana – High Performance & Mental Strength Consultant and owner of Forza Consulting – applies an individualized approach to each of her patients.

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