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Climbing Warm-Up

Here is a great warm-up recommended by Nani Woollings, Physiotherapist and Canadian Youth National Climbing Team coach.

Nani’s Warm Up Recommendations!

1. Cardio – 5 – 6 mins

Hike, jog, cycle, jumping jacks etc

2. Finger, shoulder, spine, hip mobility and stability

Tendon glides

Stress ball squeezes

Finger spreading with elastic or theraband

Scapular push-ups

Scapular pull-ups (“lock and load”)


3. 100 – 120 hand moves, increasing difficulty prior to crimping

Don’t forget to “lock before you load” to reinforce those good motor programs!

More about our Expert:

Nani Woollings

Nani is a physiotherapist at Altitude Physiotherapy in Banff, Alberta.

She grew up in the Bow Valley and is a climber, mountain biker, and skier. As a current coach and former member of the Youth National Climbing Team, she has both seen and personally experienced many injuries. This fueled her desire to learn more, and she went on to complete a Bachelor of Kinesiology majoring in Athletic Therapy, as well as a Master of Science with the International Olympic Committee-sanctioned Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre at the University of Calgary. There she had the opportunity to conduct research into youth and adult climbing injury.

She went on to complete a Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta wanting to further apply this knowledge. She now works as a coach and therapist with the Youth National Climbing Team, and formerly was the Alberta Provincial Team coach, and Head Coach with the Canmore Youth Climbing Team.

Her belief is that guiding post-injury rehabilitation is only a part of what physiotherapy can provide. Rather than simply being reactive, preventing injury should also be a focus. Improving whole body mechanics, and working to strengthen and decrease imbalances will optimize both general health as well as high performance. She uses various soft tissue techniques and manual therapy, dry needling/IMS, and therapeutic exercise in her treatments.

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