About the Ski Fit Ready Program

Have you ever wondered how donations are used?

The donations received by registrants at #Knees4Skis in 2020 were used to fund the development of a “Ski Fit” Program. This program delivers recommended exercises demonstrated by a qualified physiotherapist direct to a participant’s email.

Exercises are based on the “#Knees4Skis: 8 Essential Exercises to Help Reduce Knee Injury” and progress through 4 phases of difficulty over an eight-week period.

To pilot this program, BSMF offered it to all 2020 #Knees4Skis registrants.

We had 100 people sign up!

Participants in the pilot were also sent a questionnaire to help us evaluate the program.

70% of survey respondents said the program was helpful in some way, with 50% preferring to provide an optional donation to access the program.

Some responses to the pilot program included:

Good, pertinent information and easy to follow activities.

I found the short example videos of each exercise to be very helpful. I also liked the format – a limited number of exercises to do each week, ramping up in effort required.

It is for all age groups

Keep it going

Based on this pilot, BSMF will offer this program to the public for free during the month of October.