ACL graft Myths: Fact or Fiction with Dr Greg Buchko

Reconstructive surgery is currently the gold standard treatment for an injured or torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

In ACL reconstruction, the torn ACL is surgically removed and replaced with another tendon or “graft”.

Dr Greg Buchko

There are several types of grafts available to a patient.

Dr Greg Buchko, Banff Sport Medicine Orthopaedic Surgeon, briefly explains the main graft options, and addresses 5 myths about different graft types.

ACL Graft Myths

Myth #1: Any type of ACL graft can be used for any type of patient

Myth #2: I can get an infectious disease from an allograft tendon used during an ACL reconstruction

Myth #3: My body can reject an allograft tendon

Myth #4: The patellar tendon is the strongest and best graft

Myth #5: How well I recover from surgery depends mainly on which graft type is used

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