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How to self-assess your shoulder mobility and function

Knowing which parts of your body work together to help your shoulder move will help you to understand why healthcare professionals may recommend some of the following self-assessment tools to figure out how well each component is performing.

There are 4 main areas that can be looked at to assess your overall shoulder performance:

  1. Thoracic mobility
  2. Scapular (shoulder blade) positioning
  3. Glenohumeral rotation
  4. Posterior shoulder position

Each of these areas in related and can affect one another.

Identifying which one of these areas is causing you problems can help you target your exercises to not only improve in this area, but improve your overall shoulder function and mobility.

WATCH this short 9 min video where Exercise Physiologist, Jake Watson, discusses a number of self-assessment tools

Here are some exercises you can do to improve your shoulder mobility and function

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Jake Watson, Exercise Physiologist, Owner of Intrepid Performance Training

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