Clara’s Story

Meniscal Root Repair & High Tibial Osteotomy

Clara Hughes – Former Olympian

…doing the Red River Jig….” is how Canadian cyclist and speed skater and former Olympian, Clara Hughes, describes how she initially injured her knee meniscus during the COVID-pandemic.

Despite this, she continued being active and also went on to hike the Great Divide Trail (~1100 km) and the Vancouver Island Trail (~800 km). Unfortunately, this lead to re-injury and significant damage to the cartilage in her knee. Symptoms of pain, swelling and instability led her to consult with the Banff Sport Medicine team. Clara went on to have major knee surgery in January of 2022 ~ a meniscal root repair and high tibial osteotomy (HTO).

The meniscus is a type of cartilage inside the knee joint that acts as a shock absorber and knee stabilizer. Damage to the root of meniscus can lead to significant pain, instability, and rapid development of osteoarthritis.

– – Learn more about the basics of high tibial osteotomy here – –

Almost one year after her surgery, Clara spoke with BSMF about some of the challenges she’s faced during her ongoing recovery.

Learn more about Clara’s journey in this video…

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Injuries & Surgeries

Rehab Journey

Resources Used

Effects on Self-Image

Fear of Re-Injury

Perspective One Year On