Greg Hill’s Story

Latarjet shoulder surgery and avalanche trauma

Greg Hill – Ski mountaineer

“I have had two separate issues that Banff Sport Medicine has helped with. For 14 years I had a dislocating shoulder, one that easily popped out. I had to stop rock climbing and focus on other sports. Arthoscopic surgery had been attempted with no success. Dr. Heard performed a Latarjet surgery on my shoulder. I rehabbed it and have since returned to climbing, not pushing it as hard as I had in my twenties but climbing with confidence that my shoulder will not pop out.”

Greg’s experience with Banff Sport Medicine was not limited to his shoulder surgery as he goes on to explain,

Greg Hill skiing

“I also severely broke my tib/fib in an avalanche in Pakistan. It took me 6 days to travel home and I underwent surgery with Dr. Heard. I understand it was a very shattered bone and was a complex surgery. Regardless, it is now 5 years later and I run 50 km on trails, summit mountains, and ski as much as possible. This would not have been possible without the high quality skill and care.”

“I can easily say that I am able to enjoy mountain adventures due to the incredible skills and care of Banff Sport Medicine.  As a professional athlete, they understood my needs and answered them perfectly, allowing me to continue to push boundaries and explore remote places.”

Greg Hill climbing